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Clean | Marine | Floral

Visit the lost city of Atlantis with this captivating marine scent. This alluring fragrance opens your senses with fresh citrus notes layered with soft, lush gardenia. White musk and marine notes give the fragrance a lasting clean and refreshing finish.

Top Notes: Citrus
Heart Notes: White Musk, Gardenia
Base Notes: Marine
Organic cane alcohol, fragrance*, benzyl acetate

Fragrance Ingredients
Galaxolide 50% IPM: clean synthetic
Hedione: clean synthetic
Ethylene Brassylate: clean synthetic
Phenyl Ethyl Alcohol: clean synthetic
ISO E Super: clean synthetic
Ethyl Linalool: clean synthetic
Habanolide: clean synthetic
Helional: clean synthetic
Exaltolide Total: clean synthetic
Velvione: clean synthetic
Citronellyl Acetate: clean synthetic
Benzyl Acetate: clean synthetic
Ambroxan: clean synthetic
Calone: clean synthetic
Heliotropin: clean synthetic
Phenylacetal - Dimethyl Acetate: clean synthetic
Methyl Laitone: clean synthetic
Dipropylene glycol: clean synthetic
Ambrettolide: botanical
Dihydro Eugenol: clean synthetic
Methyl Benzoate: clean synthetic
Florhydral: clean synthetic
Ethyl Vanillin: clean synthetic
Javanol: clean synthetic
Indolene 50: clean synthetic
Methyl Anthranilate Extra: clean synthetic
Chrome Citrus Fleuressence™: clean synthetic blend
Caution: For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water or milk. Keep out of reach of children. Do not spray directly on clothing or furniture as it may cause damage. Store in a cool, dry place.
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Chrome Citrus

Fresh and invigorating, this note may help release stagnant energy and promote joy and positivity.


Inspired by water, this note helps us connect to our intuition and our inner creative.


Creates a romantic and soothing atmosphere, opening up your heart center.

White Musk

Associated with sensuality, this alluring note may enhance sexual attraction, passion, and desire.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Nicole Motter

Incredible customer service and even better product, if possible! Highest vibrational little-something-special I could have imagined. Smells and feels divine!

Katie Pugh

This is my absolute favorite Iris of the Moon product! This perfume truly makes me feel like I can take on the world. I refer to this as a liquid confidence booster! Pure magic.

Roger Vache Mansourian

I havent been a huge fan of cologne or perfumes for a long time but one sniff of Atlantis on my wife and I cant leave her side lol

Its not too strong or perfume-y ... just perfect!

Tracy Luu

This smell is amazing and because it’s made with high quality all natural ingredients it doesn’t act up my eczema. I highly recommend!

Celina S.

I love Atlantis! It makes me feel empowered and in my truth. How do describe a vibe? You can’t but FEEL it. This is so delicious, feminine, seductive and badass at the same time! I’m obsessed.