ready to level up?

Unlock a new level of self-care with Iris of the Moon. Our offerings, such as our bestselling goddess oils, are meant to enhance your rituals and fast-track spiritual growth. Crafted with intention, we're here to enhance your spiritual practice and transform self-care into a sacred experience.

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Emily Liu

Hi, I'm Emily!

I'm the founder and creative visionary of Iris of the Moon.

I started the brand in June 2021 because I noticed a glaring gap between spiritual knowledge and practical application.

After a traumatic experience in Sedona, where I lost my life savings and my dog, I realized people shouldn't have to put themselves through so much loss just to "level up" spiritually.

That's why our offerings, from our bestselling goddess oils to astrology org chart readings, are designed to equip you with practical tools to live your best and most efficient life. No more "losing" in the name of growth.

No matter where you are on your journey, Iris of the Moon is here to guide you and empower you as needed.

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