Understand your Astro Org Chart

Take charge of your life by understanding your birth chart, restructured into a team org chart. Leverage your strengths, accelerate your manifestations, and transform the Universe into your most powerful ally.

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Astro Org Chart - Birth Chart Reading

Astro Org Chart - Birth Chart Reading

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This reading will help you gain crystal-clear insights into how your birth chart "functions." By understanding the CEO(s) of your birth chart, you will begin to understand the types of opportunities, relationships, and careers that align most with your soul blueprint.

Knowing your astrological hierarchy will help you "hack" your birth chart get your manifestations "approved" by the Universe.

This reading covers...

  1. The CEO(s) of your birth chart
  2. Up to 3 areas of life or questions of your choice
  3. Your birth chart's unique activation blueprint based on your questions

Each reading comes with...

  1. A 60-minute recorded video reviewing your birth chart
  2. A graphic of your restructured org chart
  3. Your birth chart's activation blueprint

I use the Whole Sign system for readings.

Turnaround Time: Please allow me 1-3 weeks to complete your reading.  

Enjoy a complimentary 30 mL bottle of our luxurious goddess oil of your choice, perfect for enhancing your spiritual practice and self-care routine.

Readings are nonrefundable.

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What makes this different from your typical birth chart reading?

Our method reframes how we view birth charts into a more practical tool, providing you with grounded and actionable insights. Whether you're new to astrology or a seasoned enthusiast, our readings offer valuable guidance to help you make empowered decisions in alignment with your soul blueprint.

  • Personalized Birth Chart

    A graphic of your birth chart redesigned into an organizational team structure, highlighting your key strengths and decision-making abilities.

  • Cures

    Have a debilitating placement? A CEO that disagrees with your manifestations? I will provide cures and recommendations to help you negotiate with these pesky placements so you may get in better alignment with the Universe.

  • Goddess Oil

    For a limited time, enjoy a complimentary goddess oil of your choice to enhance your spiritual journey.

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Hi, I'm Emily

I'm the founder and creative visionary of Iris of the Moon.

I started the brand in June 2021 because I noticed a glaring gap between spiritual knowledge and practical application.

After a traumatic experience in Sedona, where I lost my life savings and my dog, I realized people shouldn't have to put themselves through so much loss just to "level up" spiritually.

That's why our offerings, from our bestselling goddess oils to astrology org chart readings, are designed to equip you with practical tools to live your best and most efficient life. No more "losing" in the name of growth.

No matter where you are on your journey, Iris of the Moon is here to guide you and empower you as needed.

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