2024 Predictions for the Spiritual and Metaphysics Community

2024 Predictions for the Spiritual and Metaphysics Community

I had trouble falling asleep last night. And with it, a strong desire to share some visions my mind conjured as to what may happen in the spiritual and metaphysics community in 2024 and beyond.

And so, here they are.

Note: these predictions are for entertainment purposes only.

1. Rise and fall of spiritual coaches

With information, AI, and unregulated certifications becoming more accessible to the public (paired with existing coaches pushing you to become a coach by investing in their coaching program), it feels like anyone can become a coach today.

We'll see more people entering the industry, even when they are grossly unqualified. Studying human design, astrology, and feng shui for 3 months does not make you a coach. Getting an expensive certification does not make you a coach. It makes you an encyclopedia. 

It is my belief that you become an expert when the collective recognizes you as one. And you receive that recognition through consistent embodiment, practice, and sharing your knowledge.

My best mentors and coaches were people who have been practicing what they preach for at least 2 years, but on average 7 to 10 years. 

Another angle to reflect on—would you hire a nurse who only studied nursing for 3 months and little qualified experience? Probably not.

As more coaches enter the industry, expect to see more coaching content on social media with very click-baity content. And once the public gets fed up with being sold overvalued courses or mentorships, they will start exposing them and speaking out about them.

The true coaches will continue to grow and thrive.


2. Conscious and Sustainable Crystals

As crystals become more popular and more like an everyday item (e.g. collectibles, home decor, beauty tools like gua sha), we may start to see a "crystal shortage." This will drive prices up and may also begin to raise the conversation as to how we may be over-mining.

Similar to how people began speaking up about unethical practices in fashion and beauty, people will begin to ask important questions about how their crystals are sourced.

These include...

  • Where are my crystals from?
  • Were they ethically mined (e.g. child-free labor, safe mining conditions, fair wages, etc.)?

We will also see more fake resin crystals. We already see this happening with rare crystals like moldavite. But expect to see more. 

Premium cut lab-grown crystals may start to emerge (similar to lab-grown diamonds as an alternative to procuring authentic blood diamonds).

By the end of the day, what's more powerful is your intention with the crystal (or fake crystal). While the authentic crystal holds more power from the Earth, it is ultimately our intentions that supercharge or give the crystal more power.


3. Rise in spiritual modalities

As more people awaken and become more in-tune with their energy, we will see more practitioners experimenting. 

This experimentation will lead to discoveries of new healing modalities. Most of them may be branches of an existing healing art like reiki, but we could see the emergence of more light language-coded healing techniques.

Practitioners will also diversify their skillset and their spiritual toolkit. Instead of solely utilizing one technique, they may combine it with other forms (e.g. using astrology and feng shui for home decor). 


4. Spiritual practices becoming more mainstream in corporate

As more awakened people join or re-enter the workforce, they will bring along with them the lessons and wisdom they've acquired from their spiritual awakening.

We may see a stronger push for healthier boundaries between work, life, and co-working relationships. Sound healing, group reiki, and breathwork classes may be offered as a more practical solution for helping workers relieve stress, while more open-minded workplaces may utilize tarot, astrology, and human design to make decisions.

This prediction I see as more of a slowburn (probably spanning 20 years, the entirety of the Pluto in Aquarius transit), as it'll be lower level and mid-level associates and managers who introduce these ideas. Senior and executive leadership may not be as receptive (which is not surprising given the generational gap and the beliefs that come with such a gap). 

But as senior leadership retires and the next generation takes over, spiritual wellness practices may very well bleed into and slowly become part of the workplace culture.

In fact, there are already a handful of corporate businesses like Sakara Life that integrate spirit, mind, and body.


5. More starseed kids will reveal themselves and share their channeled wisdom on social media.

Starseed children Brey (@kellymagicalmediumbrey) and Sevyn (@psychickirsten) have taken social media by storm with their channeled messages and their pure auras. 

I expect to slowly see more starseed children show up. 



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