March 2024: 12th House of Hidden Enemies

March 2024: 12th House of Hidden Enemies

Issue No. 3 - March 2024

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Emily Liu
Founder of Iris of the Moon


What Caught Our Eye

Have you ever wondered who your hidden enemies could be? Look to your 12th House in whole sign astrology.
I explore what this placement means for each zodiac sign and how their hidden enemies may appear.
Note: I am still working through all the zodiac signs. If yours is missing, please let me know.


Key Astrological Transits

March 9: Mars (Aquarius) Squares Uranus (Taurus) ⚔️
The Rebellious Warrior faces off against the Grounded Inventor. The rebel wants to act on their ideas now—there's no time better than the present. The inventor, however, wants to make sure their ideas are secure and foolproof before revealing it to the public. How does this dynamic play out in your life?
March 10: New Moon in Pisces ♓️
Let dreamy Pisces help you with your manifestations. The key is to align your desires with Pisces' spiritual nature—this is the new moon for delulu for Pisces rules spirituality, illusions, and creativity.
March 19: Sun Enters Aries ♈️
The Warrior takes the spotlight. This is the perfect season to reflect on what we stand for and what is worth fighting for. 
March 25: Lunar South Node Eclipse in Libra ♎️
This powerful transit doubles as a full moon—we'll be asked to reflect on our relationships and how we may be playing small in order to please all. 


Fragrance of the Month 


Scent Family: Floral, Fruity, Herbaceous
Intensity: Moderate 
Season: Spring
Mood: Uplifting, calming, aphrodisiac
Rose can allegedly be used to...
  • Protect, hydrate, and repair the skin due to its antimicrobial and antioxidant properties
  • Provide emotional relief by reducing feelings of stress and inducing feelings of calm—the perfect companion for anyone experiencing heartbreak
  • Open the heart chakra to receive and channel divine love
  • Clear negative energy, promote peace of mind, and support emotional healing
  • Encourage self-love and enhance physical and romantic attraction
*Benefits are not scientifically-proven and are determined based on spiritual and anecdotal research.
Rose Trivia
  • The earliest historical records, found on Mesopotamian cuneiform tablets, reveals that humans became acquainted with the rose approximately 5,000 years ago
  • It takes 4000 kilos of rose petals to distill 1 kilo of rose oil. No wonder pure rose oil is 💲💲💲
  • Rose essential oil carries the highest vibrational frequency out of all essential oils at 320 mHz
  • Roses hold deep symbolic meaning, often associated with Aphrodite, the Virgin Mary, Rosicrucianism, and even the Prophet Muhammad. Its rich symbolism across world religions has made the use of rose and rose water common in religious ceremonies.
  • Rose oil mixes well with jasmine, patchouli, and sandalwood, creating a rich and tantalizing fragrance
Rose can be found in Aphrodite Goddess Oil.
Want to sample her? Try Aphrodite in our Discovery Set.


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