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January 2024: How to Accelerate Your Manifestations 🐉

Issue No. 1 - January 2024

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In this monthly update, we highlight...

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2) Key astrological transits for this month,
3) And the fragrance of the month.
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What Caught Our Eye

TikTok user Hex and Shadow shared a manifestation candle spell that incorporates pomegranates. The recipe includes—
  • 1 pomegranate
  • 1 small white or gold candle (white for purity and spirituality, gold for abundance and prosperity)
  • Sea salt (for purification and grounding)
  • Dried rosemary (for mental clarity and cleansing)
  • Dried dandelion leaf (for wishes and manifesting)
  • Amethyst crystal (for spiritual growth and intuition)
  • Lavender oil (for peace, purification, and spiritual healing)
  • A knife and spoon for preparing the pomegranate
  • A fireproof dish or candle holder
Check out the full video with detailed instructions here.


Key Astrological Transits

January 11: New Moon in Capricorn ♑️ 
If you haven't completed your 2024 vision board yet, this new moon is the perfect time to do so. This new moon is perfect for manifestations related to career, long-term goals, and discipline.
January 20: Pluto Re-Enters Aquarius ♒️ 
From now until September 1 (when Pluto re-enters Capricorn), expect radical shifts in geopolitics, heated conversations around technology (AI, surveillance, social media), and a continued rise in collective activism.
January 21: Sun Enters Aquarius ♒️ 
This transit will illuminate collective themes around technology, innovation, and humanitarian causes.  
January 25: Full Moon in Leo ♌️
This full moon will ask us to examine our relationship with our inner artist. Are we dimming our creativity to fit in? Or are we being too overbearing?


Fragrance of the Month

image of a dragon's tree under a bright blue sky with white clouds
Dragon's blood is derived from the natural resin found in several species of dragon trees within the Calamus genus. 
Formerly recognized as Daemonorops Draco, these dragon trees are native to diverse regions, including the Middle East, India, China, Africa, Australia, and Central America.
Renowned for its potent fragrance and spiritual attributes, dragon's blood has been integrated into diverse folk magic rituals worldwide. 
Use dragon's blood for the following benefits—
  • Amplifies and speeds up manifestations (be careful!)
  • Protects your aura
  • Calls in good luck and fortune
  • Banishes negative energy from within (bad habits, self-sabotaging patterns)—perfect for fresh starts
  • Contains anti-microbial properties that protect the skin barrier from environmental damage
Dragon's blood can be found in Hekate Goddess Oil, our newest addition to Iris of the Moon's goddess oil collection.
Pre-order Hekate Goddess Oil for 20% off. She will be shipped starting January 25, Pacific Standard Time.


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