February 2024: How you're sabotaging your manifestations

February 2024: How you're sabotaging your manifestations

Issue No. 2 - February 2024

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In this series, we share...
1) A channeled written message,
2) Key astrological transits for this month,
3) And the fragrance of the month.
Before we dive right in...


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What Caught Our Eye

1) For those who follow Iris of the Moon's Instagram Stories, you may have seen that I've been studying feng shui.
My feng shui master Nate Batoon shared a common habit that we do that sabotages our manifestations. 
I share this insight in this TikTok video here.


2) Spiritual teacher and entrepreneur Mariya channels a very powerful message on why we repel money, how money is "dirty," and how our relationship with our mother may be blocking us from abundance.
Watch the video here (it's almost 1-hour long but totally worth the listen).


Key Astrological Transits

February 5: Mercury Enters Aquarius ♒️
Aquarius' inner genius shines. Unconventional ideas and out-of-the-box thinking are more common. Test your ideas with friends and colleagues. The challenge is translating these abstract thoughts into constructive action.
February 9: New Moon in Aquarius ♒️
Let innovative Aquarius help you with your manifestations. The key here is to align your desires with Aquarius' humanitarian nature.
February 13: Mars Enters Aquarius & Conjuncts Pluto ♒️ 
The collective may feel compelled to further speak up and take action over humanitarian issues and unethical systems. Expect more heated protests and social media debate.
February 16: Venus Enters Aquarius ♒️ 
It's time for the book nerds and tech wizards to shine. During this transit, intellect is the new beauty. This is a great time for networking and fostering professional relations.
February 18: Sun Enters Pisces ♓️
The world becomes dreamier and a little more emotional. This is a time to start closing out old chapters, dive deep into your unconscious world, and be a little creative.
February 23: Mercury Enters Pisces ♓️
People may not fully express how they truly are inside. Instead of direct feedback, you may receive riddles dressed in dreamy prose.
February 24: Full Moon in Virgo ♍️
This full moon will ask us to examine our relationship with our inner healer. Are we trying to fix everything? Or have we decided to let chaos be? 


Fragrance of the Month 


Myrrh can allegedly be used to...
  • Enhance spiritual connection to higher dimensions during meditation.
  • Clear emotional blocks and foster emotional stability.
  • Establish an intimate connection with your favorite deity (we recommend Hekate or Egyptian goddess Isis).
  • Purify spaces and create a peaceful environment.
  • Help reduce stress and promote relaxation.
  • Provide spiritual protection by breaking and preventing curses, hexes, and negative intentions.
*Benefits are not scientifically-proven and are determined based on spiritual and anecdotal research.
Myrrh oil, derived from the resin of the Commiphora myrrha tree, has been revered for centuries for its spiritual and emotional benefits.
Originating from parts of Arabia, Somalia, and Ethiopia, myrrh was highly prized across ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome, often used in embalming and religious ceremonies. In Judaism and Christianity, myrrh is noted in the Biblical narrative as one of the Magi's precious Four Gifts presented to the newborn Jesus.
Ancient healers valued myrrh for its supposed medicinal properties, treating ailments from toothaches to skin conditions. In cultural rituals, its scent marked significant ceremonies and represented purification.
Today, myrrh is celebrated for its deep, resinous, and slightly sweet aroma. It continues to be used in perfumes, incense, and holistic medicine, a testament to its enduring appeal.
Myrrh can be found in Hekate Goddess Oil, our newest addition to Iris of the Moon's goddess oil collection.
Want to sample her? Try Hekate in our Discovery Set.


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