may 2024: ceo of your birth chart

may 2024: ceo of your birth chart

Issue No. 5 - May 2024

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3) And the fragrance of the month.
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Emily Liu
Founder of Iris of the Moon


What Caught Our Eye

Did you know your sun sign isn't necessarily the most important part of your birth chart?
Like an organization, birth charts have a hierarchy, which is determined by the planetary dispositor. If a planet is in its home sign (e.g. Capricorn in Saturn), chances are, that planet is the dominant and the "CEO" of your birth chart. And the CEO has the ability to influence how other planets function.
In this video, I provide an overview of how you can breakdown your chart to determine who the "CEO(s)" of your birth chart are.
*If you'd be interested in a "CEO Birth Chart Reading" to see how you can lean into your birth chart's strengths, please email Depending on demand, I may consider adding this as a service.

Key Astrological Transits

May 7: New Moon in Taurus ♉️
Taurus, the Sensualist, is exalted in the moon, meaning it feels like a VIP guest ready to be pampered and serviced. This is the new moon to call in more resources and opportunities that will increase your wealth, allowing you to invest in the things you desire. This is also a great time to manifest glow-ups, as Taurus is ruled by Venus.
May 20: Sun Enters Gemini ♊️
The Messenger takes the spotlight and is ready to socialize. The sun will light up our relationship with our close communities, how we communicate with each other, and how we process information.
May 23: Full Moon in Sagittarius ♐️
This full moon will ask us to reflect on our relationship with our inner Explorer—have we been focusing too much on the big picture, neglecting the finer details? Or have we been experiencing paralysis analysis, preventing us from taking a leap of faith? How do we strike a balance so that we have just enough information needed in order to jump?
May 25: Jupiter Enters Gemini ♊️
The planet of expansion, abundance, and luck will be directed by the Messenger. For the rest of the year (to June 9, 2025), themes around intellect, communication, and the flow of information will receive more attention. Expect a rise in (mis)information, published content, and lip service. There may also be an increase in domestic travel.


Fragrance of the Month 


Scent Family: Herbal, Floral
Intensity: Strong
Season: Year-round
Mood: Calming
Lavender can allegedly be used to...
  • Offer protection from negative energy.
  • Enhance the user's intuitive and psychic abilities, such as making astral projection easier.
  • Improve sleep and reduce feelings of anxiety.
  • Open the throat chakra, facilitating clear communication.
  • Open the crown chakra, facilitating strong connection with the Divine.
*Benefits are not scientifically-proven and are determined based on spiritual and anecdotal research.
Lavender Trivia
  • Lavender oil has been used for over 2,500 years. For instance, the ancient Egyptians used lavender in the mummification process and as a perfume.  
  • Lavender contains anti-inflammatory benefits and may be used to reduce skin redness and inflammation.
  • In the language of flowers, lavender can symbolize devotion, serenity, grace, and calmness. In folklore, pillows filled with lavender flowers were given to newlyweds to help ensure a happy and harmonious marriage.
  • Lavender oil harmonizes beautifully with woody notes such as cedarwood and sandalwood. These warm, grounding elements complement lavender's fresh and slightly herbaceous qualities, creating a rich and enveloping fragrance profile.
Lavender can be found in Nyx Goddess Oil.
Want to sample her? Try Nyx in our Discovery Set.

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