june 2024: how the 1% make it

june 2024: how the 1% make it

Issue No. 6 - June 2024

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In this series, we share...
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2) Key astrological transits for this month,
3) And the fragrance of the month.
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Emily Liu
Founder of Iris of the Moon


What Caught Our Eye

Did you know, 91% of musicians remain undiscovered? And only 1% become mainstream?
How do artists like Sabrina Carpenter and Olivia Rodrigo thrive, while the rest of the 91% remain anonymous?
The key theme: alignment.
The 1% understand the importance of energy and work with practitioners, astrologers, and healers in order to maximize their potential and reach peak alignment.
I've started a video series on TikTok where I analyze public figures and some lucky users' astrology org charts to determine how someone can reach their full potential by mastering their birth chart's CEO energy.
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Key Astrological Transits

June 6: New Moon in Gemini ♊️
Gemini, the Messenger, will bless intentions that relate to themes of communication, information, domestic travel, and siblings. Mercury and Mars are the CEOs on this day. Check your sun, moon, rising, Mars, and Mercury placements to see how you can relate your intentions to Gemini's energy for this new moon cycle.
June 11: Mars in Taurus Squares Pluto in Aquarius ⚔️
The Sensualist and the Innovator square off as they try to find common ground. With Taurus in Mars (conflict) and Aquarius in Pluto (transformation, revolution), expect tense energy and prolonged conflict. Existing conflicts will be exacerbated, while new conflicts (potentially related to the arts and money) will arise. 
June 20: Sun Enters Cancer ♋️
The Nurturer takes the spotlight. Prepare to feel all the feels, as the sun will illuminate your relationship with emotions, motherhood, and domestic life.
June 21: Full Moon in Capricorn ♑️
This full moon will ask us to reflect on our relationship with our inner Builder—how can we clear blockages related to our career and responsibilities? Is there a way for us to embrace more emotional balance and inner security?


Fragrance of the Month 

Scent Family: Sweet
Intensity: Moderate
Season: Year-round
Mood: Calming, uplifting
Vanilla can allegedly be used to...
  • Enhance feelings of love and intimacy in relationships.
  • Relieve feelings of stress and promote a peaceful environment.
  • Uplift the spirit and boost self-confidence.
  • Improve sleep quality and facilitate dreamwork
  • Call in more wealth and abundance.
 *Benefits are not scientifically-proven and are determined based on spiritual and anecdotal research.
Vanilla Trivia
  • The Totonac people of Veracruz in Mexico were the first known cultivators of vanilla. They developed intricate methods for cultivating and curing vanilla beans. Vanilla was considered sacred and used it in various ceremonial practices.Vanilla oil contains vanillin, a compound with strong antioxidant properties.Today, "vanilla" is often used metaphorically to describe something that is plain, ordinary, or lacking in excitement. This usage reflects the dichotomy between vanilla's historical value as a rare and luxurious spice and its contemporary perception as a common and unremarkable flavor.Vanilla oil is very versatile and harmonizes beautifully with floral, spicy, fruity, and woody notes. A popular fragrance note combination is vanilla and jasmine where vanilla's creamy sweetness blends elegantly with jasmine's floral richness.
Vanilla can be found in Hekate Goddess Oil.
Want to sample her? Try Hekate in our Discovery Set.

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