April 2024: Mercury in Retrograde

April 2024: Mercury in Retrograde

Issue No. 4 - April 2024

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Emily Liu
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What Caught Our Eye

Mercury Retrograde in Aries has begun and will last until April 25.

During this time, avoid signing contracts, making commitments, and launching new projects. Be mindful while driving, and most importantly, don't text your ex.

Besides those warnings, Mercury Retrograde is actually a powerful time to get real with yourself and ask, "how can I be a better speaker? A better listener?" 

Unsubscribe from the fearmongering, and use this retrograde season to fix and remodel your existing structures.

With Mercury Retrograde in Aries, reflect on how you can be a better communicator, especially around individuality, self-expression, leadership, and fighting for your values. 

You'll come out of it more grounded, more powerful, and with more clarity than ever.

Key Astrological Transits

April 1-25: Mercury Retrograde in Aries ♈️
During this time, our inner Warrior may experience roadblocks with communication. Take this time to reflect on how your inner Warrior can be a better and stronger speaker and listener.
April 8: Solar North Node Eclipse + Chiron Cazimi in Aries ♈️
This powerful transit doubles as a new moon—this eclipse will be potent, illuminating all of our inner Warrior's deepest wounds and insecurities (thanks Chiron). While new moons are usually a time for manifestation, eclipse season is best left for clearing out old wounds. What needs to be cleared in order to make your inner Warrior feel fired up for the rest of the year?
April 19: Sun Enters Taurus ♉️
The Sensualist takes the spotlight and gives us a brief reprieve from fiery Aries. The sun will light up our relationship with nature, material goods, and wealth.
April 23: Full Moon Scorpio ♏️
This full moon will ask us to reflect on our relationship with our inner Alchemist—have we been shying away from change to avoid pain? Or have we been self-sabotaging and mistrustful of others out of fear? How can we embrace and endure the pain of transformation?


Fragrance of the Month 


Scent Family: Spice
Intensity: Strong
Season: Summer, Fall
Mood: Uplifting, invigorating
Black pepper can allegedly be used to...
  • Ward off bad juju.
  • Energetically purify environments, objects, and people.
  • Break curses and crush negative intentions.
  • Enhance confidence, courage, and bravery.
  • Promote mental clarity, sharp focus, and enhanced perception.
  • Ignite internal drive and energize the spirit.
*Benefits are not scientifically-proven and are determined based on spiritual and anecdotal research.
Black Pepper Trivia
  • In ancient times, black pepper was highly valued and used as a form of currency. Nicknamed "black gold," ancient Romans would sometimes pay their taxes using black pepper. 
  • Given its fiery nature, black pepper is often associated with the planet Mars in astrology and occult practices. It's used in spells and rituals to invoke Mars' qualities, such as courage, strength, and assertiveness. 
  • Black pepper oil mixes well with citrus oils, such as lemon, grapefruit, and bergamot. These bright and uplifting citrus notes provide a sharp contrast to spicy black pepper.
Black pepper can be found in Hekate Goddess Oil.
Want to sample her? Try Hekate in our Discovery Set.

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