Solar Eclipse in Scorpio 2022 - Signature Scents for Your Zodiac Sign

Solar Eclipse in Scorpio 2022 - Signature Scents for Your Zodiac Sign

The solar eclipse in Scorpio is happening Tuesday, October 25, 2022 at 3:49 am PT.

What is the solar eclipse in Scorpio? How does it affect us?

A solar eclipse is a powerful celestial event in which the Moon sits between the Sun and the Earth, temporarily blocking the Sun’s light . This event occurs every six months and is said to be three times more powerful than the new moon.

This supercharged new moon is the perfect time to plant seeds and set intentions for what we’d like to see the next six months.

Scorpio is the eighth zodiac sign in the astral wheel. Deep, emotional, and complex. Scorpio holds a powerful intensity that helps them navigate the underbellies of life. Represented by the archetype of the Alchemist, Scorpio has the natural gift of transmuting trauma into self-empowerment.

The solar eclipse in Scorpio will bless these parts of your life—

  • Conflict resolution. You will finally reach a conclusion to your past hurts and present obstacles. You will realize that the answer to your problems doesn't have to be fiery or confrontational. In fact, confrontation led to prolonged conflict and created some of the past hurts you’ve been nursing. This solar eclipse in Scorpio season, you may find people are less aggressive and more emotional. Tap into compassion and emotional maturity to reach peaceful resolutions. Everyone wins.

  • Commitment to your goals. You may have been juggling a lot of ideas recently, but the solar eclipse in Scorpio will help you finally focus on one or two of them. It's tempting to try and do a bunch of things at once, but this can actually be really hard on our bodies and minds. If you pick one project and stick with it for the next six months, you'll be more successful. Even when things get tough, stay focused on your original goal.

  • Opening your eyes to the truth. Sometimes it’s easier to ignore what we intuitively know as truth because the truth hurts. However, Scorpio’s proclivity for the underworld and shadow work will bless you with courage and strength to finally lift the veil. The truth may be painful, but like a band-aid, it stings the most when you rip it off. Once you face the truth, you’ll be able to invite more blessings into your life, even if it may not seem like it right away.

See below for your zodiac sign's signature scent and how you can work with it in preparation for the next moon cycle. Check your sun, moon, and rising signs for a more holistic energy read. Don’t know your sun, moon, or rising sign? Generate a free birth chart here.



We're using Essential Oil Oracle Cards by Lisa Powers to determine every zodiac sign's signature scent and mantra. Each signature scent has emotional and spiritual benefits detailed in the book Emotions Guide by Karla Mclaren.

Signature Scents for Your Zodiac Sign - Solar Eclipse in Scorpio


Fragrance: Grapefruit

Fruity and citrusy, grapefruit oil helps us establish a healthy, balanced relationship with our bodies. Use grapefruit oil to embrace your feelings and cultivate a loving relationship with your body.

Mantra: I see what I truly need.


Fragrance: Coriander

Herbaceous and spicy, coriander is an oil that helps people return to their integrity while breaking free from over-serving others. Use coriander oil to move away from people-pleasing to being your true self.

Mantra: I create my way.


Fragrance: Patchouli

Woody with a hint of musk, patchouli oil helps people reconnect with their physical body. Use patchouli oil in a body movement practice (e.g. yoga, tai chi) to strengthen the connection between spirit and body.

Mantra: My body is my temple.


Fragrance: Bergamot

Citrusy and subtle, bergamot oil is great for releasing shame, self-judgment, and low self-esteem. Use bergamot oil to inspire hope from the heart.

Mantra: I love myself.


Fragrance: Celery Seed

Earthy with hints of orris, celery seed oil is the ultimate oil for detoxing. Use celery seed oil for spiritual, emotional, and physical cleansing so that the heart and body have a clearer connection.

Mantra: I am the answer.


Fragrance: Eucalyptus

Minty and fresh, eucalyptus oil unpacks deep beliefs we may hold around self-worth and “being unwell.” Use eucalyptus oil to clear emotional blockages and open yourself up to better health.

Mantra: I am alive.


Fragrance: Wild Orange

Fruity and sweet, wild orange is the ultimate abundance oil. Use wild orange to inspire creativity, lift emotions, and embrace the sweetness and joys of life.

Mantra: I attract abundance.


Fragrance: Siberian Fir

Woody and fresh, siberian fir is the oil of perspective-as-we-age. Use siberian fir oil during major life transitions to see the deeper meaning behind existing patterns, experiences, and beliefs.

Mantra: I am free of the habits that do not serve me.


Fragrance: Cilantro

Herbaceous and fresh, cilantro oil is great for releasing control. Use cilantro oil to free yourself from all unnecessary burdens.

Mantra: I am free.


Fragrance: Citronella

Citrusy and grassy, citronella oil is protects people from unwelcome energy. Use citronella to enhance your ability to discern and protect yourself from harmful individuals and environments.

Mantra: I am pure.


Fragrance: Rosemary

Herbaceous and fragrant, rosemary is the oil of knowledge. Use rosemary oil to open the mind to new perspectives and enhanced cognition.

Mantra: I see the bigger picture.


Fragrance: Spikenard

Grassy and herbaceous, spikenard oil encourages gratitude. Use spikenard oil to open the soul to surrender and accept life for what it is, while holding space for appreciation.

Mantra: I am at peace.

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