Lunar Eclipse in Taurus 2022 - Signature Scents for Your Zodiac Sign

Lunar Eclipse in Taurus 2022 - Signature Scents for Your Zodiac Sign

The lunar eclipse in Taurus, also known as the Beaver Moon, is happening Tuesday, November 8, 2022 at 3:02 am PT.

What is the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus? How does it affect us?

Eclipses signal the beginning of transformation and evolution. During a lunar eclipse, the Moon's surface is covered by Earth's shadow, which brings hidden emotions to the fore and grounds them in reality.

The lunar eclipse's energy is said to be three times more powerful than the full moon, giving us potent energy to clear our emotions and set intentions for change and rebirth in the months to come. This is the perfect time to set intentions on anything we’d like to release and transmute for the next six months.

Taurus is the second zodiac sign in the astral wheel. Represented by the archetype of the Sensualist, Taurus is grounded and dependable. They have a deep connection with nature and their senses and enjoy experiences that nourish the physical body.

The lunar eclipse in Taurus asks us to release—

  • Our victim mindset and the belief that our reality is beyond our control. The reality we experience is a result of our internal state. We always have a choice on how we’d like to approach a situation, but sometimes these shadows are heavy and difficult to face. Practicing compassion and finding balance within our emotional and physical states will help us approach our shadows with more grace.

  • Our attachment to comfort. Part of our growth is experiencing uncomfortable situations, but oftentimes the benefit of the status quo outweighs the pain of evolution. This keeps us stagnant. But stagnation is temporary comfort, and the Universe will eventually respond by forcing a change that makes it impossible for you to return to the status quo. Embrace the discomfort—it is a sign that you’re evolving.

  • Repressed emotions. When we don’t express our emotions, they become trapped until they manifest as physical ailments. Whether it’s fatigue or insomnia, the lunar eclipse is the perfect time to open and clean out that can of worms. Release those trapped emotions through creative art, energy work, or therapy. You’ll be surprised by how much more energy you’ll have once you release the repressed emotions.

See below for your zodiac sign's signature scent and how you can work with it in preparation for the next moon cycle. Check your sun, moon, and rising signs for a more holistic energy read. Don’t know your sun, moon, or rising sign? Generate a free birth chart here.



We're using Essential Oil Oracle Cards by Lisa Powers to determine every zodiac sign's signature scent and mantra. Each signature scent has emotional and spiritual benefits detailed in the book Emotions Guide by Karla Mclaren.


Signature Scents for Your Zodiac Sign - Lunar Eclipse in Taurus


Fragrance: Arborvitae

Strong and woody, arborvitae oil invites you to rise above the ego. Use arborvitae oil to establish a stronger connection with the divine.

Mantra: I am in the flow.



Fragrance: Copaiba

Smoky and earthy, copaiba oil is used to reveal hidden messages. It is also an oil for self-forgiveness. Use copaiba oil to forgive yourself for past mistakes and to see the truth behind past experiences.

Mantra: I am cherished.



Fragrance: Black Pepper

Spicy and potent, black pepper oil is used to unmask facades and hidden aspects of the self. Use black pepper oil to dig deep into your psyche and remind yourself that you are already whole.

Mantra: I am whole.



Fragrance: Vetiver

Leathery and earthy, vetiver oil helps people feel centered and rooted. Use vetiver oil to ground yourself during shadow work or return to your body when you feel overwhelmed.

Mantra: I am present.



Fragrance: Fennel

Fresh with a hint of licorice, fennel oil encourages people to take full responsibility for their life. Use fennel oil to strengthen your connection between mind, body, and spirit.

Mantra: I take full responsibility.



Fragrance: Roman Chamomile

Delicate and grassy, roman chamomile oil helps people discover and live their purpose. Use roman chamomile oil to help focus on the tasks and goals that truly matter.

Mantra: I am clear about who I am.



Fragrance: Geranium

Floral and rosy, geranium oil is the oil of love and trust. Use geranium oil to nurture your inner child, re-parent the self, and open your heart to love.

Mantra: I create with pleasure.



Fragrance: Clary Sage

Herbaceous and strong, clary sage oil connects us with our inner truth. Use clary sage oil to open your creative channels and focus on your spiritual vision.

Mantra: I connect with my Higher Self and allow myself to be guided to my purpose.



Fragrance: Sandalwood

Woody and creamy, sandalwood oil is the oil of devotion. Use sandalwood oil to quiet the mind, raise your consciousness, and release material attachments.

Mantra: I am a powerful creator.



Fragrance: Marjoram

Warm, sweet, and with a bit of spice, marjoram is the oil of connection. Use marjoram oil to rebuild trust in yourself and with others for deeper connections.

Mantra: I trust my heart.



Fragrance: Clove

Spicy and aromatic, clove oil is great for supporting firm boundaries, restoring confidence, and owning your inner authority. Use clove oil to reclaim your autonomy.

Mantra: I am the star of my life. I am the lead and the audience is here for me.



Fragrance: Lime

Sweet and citrusy, lime oil is perfect for bringing more zest into your life. Use lime oil to uncover your inner Why and foster a deeper connection with your heart.

Mantra: I am moving. The time for planning is complete. I am ready to take action, no matter how small.

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