Full Moon in Pisces 2022 - Signature Scents for Your Zodiac Sign

Full Moon in Pisces 2022 - Signature Scents for Your Zodiac Sign

The full moon in Pisces, also known as the Harvest Moon, is happening Saturday, September 10, 2022 at 2:59 am PT.

What is the Full Moon in Pisces? How does it affect us?

The full moon is an event that occurs when the sun fully illuminates the moon. The sun and moon are in opposition during this time, which can reveal energies that need to be evaluated, balanced, and released.

The full moon is often a time of reflection where we can look at what we've accomplished and release anything that is no longer serving us. This can be a powerful time to clear blockages so we can be ready to manifest for the next new moon.

Emotionally sensitive, psychic, and idealistic, Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac that represents completion. Represented by the archetype of the Mystic, the full moon in Pisces gifts us with heightened empathy, creativity, and intuition.

The full moon in Pisces asks us to—

  • Find balance and create structure with our goals. It’s easier to dream about our goals, but they only manifest when we take physical, tangible action.

  • Release suppressed emotions. Give yourself permission to explore your darkest depths with no judgment or shame.

  • Manage our impulses. Especially because this full moon is happening during Mercury Retrograde, the heightened energy may tempt us to act now, think later. Exercise patience and your intuition will guide you toward right timing.

While the full moon’s energy lasts for 3 days, we can work with its energy for the next 14 days. This gives us enough time to reset our energy and get clear on what we'd like to manifest for the next new moon.

See below for your zodiac sign's signature scent and how you can work with it in preparation for the next moon cycle. Check your sun, moon, and rising signs for a more holistic energy read. Don’t know your sun, moon, or rising sign? Generate a free birth chart here.



We're using Essential Oil Oracle Cards by Lisa Powers to determine every zodiac sign's signature scent and mantra. Each signature scent has emotional and spiritual benefits detailed in the book Emotions Guide by Karla Mclaren.


Signature Scents for Your Zodiac Sign - Full Moon in Pisces


Fragrance: Clove

Spicy and aromatic, clove oil is great for supporting firm boundaries, restoring confidence, and owning your inner authority. Use clove oil to reclaim your autonomy.

Mantra: I am the star of my life. I am the lead and the audience is here for me.



Fragrance: Lime

Sweet and citrusy, lime oil is perfect for bringing more zest into your life. Use lime oil to uncover your inner Why and foster a deeper connection with your heart.

Mantra: I am moving. The time for planning is complete. I am ready to take action, no matter how small.



Fragrance: Cardamom

Spicy and fragrant, cardamom oil is great for concentration and hyper-focusing on the root of a problem. Use cardamom to uncover and dissolve narratives that no longer serve you.

Mantra: With gratitude, I go within to release the stories and memories that are not serving me.



Fragrance: Ylang Ylang

A deep floral scent, ylang ylang oil is the oil for reconnecting with your inner child. Use ylang ylang oil to release childhood hurts and nurture your inner child's heart.

Mantra: Every moment is a new opportunity.



Fragrance: Lemongrass

Citrusy and grassy, lemongrass is a powerful cleansing oil. Use lemongrass oil to clear your aura and environment of stagnant energy.

Mantra: I let go of my past so I can be present now.



Fragrance: Lavender

Floral and aromatic, lavender is a relaxing oil that supports speaking up while keeping calm. Use lavender oil to connect with your heart and communicate your honest feelings.

Mantra: I ask for what I need.



Fragrance: Frankincense

Exotic and smoky, frankincense is known as the oil of truth. Use frankincense oil to reconnect with your Higher Self and reveal hidden truths.

Mantra: I am one with all that is.



Fragrance: Cedarwood

Fresh and woody, cedarwood is the oil of community. Use cedarwood oil to remind yourself that you have the love and support of many around you, seen and unseen.

Mantra: I am grounded in my body.



Fragrance: Douglas Fir

Woody and grassy, douglas fir oil represents generational wisdom. Use douglas fir oil to set yourself free from generational karma while being open to your ancestors' wisdom.

Mantra: In this moment, I am free.



Fragrance: Pink Pepper

Spicy and aromatic, pink pepper oil reminds us that there is no need for comparison. Use pink pepper oil to dissolve all judgments you may hold for others and especially yourself.

Mantra: We are all special.



Fragrance: Melissa

Delicate and herbal, melissa oil reconnects us with our inner light. Use melissa oil to remind yourself of your unique divinity and that you are needed.

Mantra: I am special.



Fragrance: Cinnamon

Sweet and spicy, cinnamon oil is most commonly used to "spice" up a relationship. Use cinnamon oil to foster healthier communication and open vulnerability.

Mantra: It will only get better.

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