Full Moon in Aries 2022 - Signature Scents for Your Zodiac Sign

Full Moon in Aries 2022 - Signature Scents for Your Zodiac Sign

The full moon in Aries, also known as the Hunter’s Moon, is happening Sunday, October 9, 2022 at 1:55 pm PT.

What is the Full Moon in Aries? How does it affect us?

The full moon is an event that occurs when the sun fully illuminates the moon. The sun and moon are in opposition during this time, which can reveal energies that need to be evaluated, balanced, and released.

The full moon is often a time of reflection where we can look at what we've accomplished and release anything that is no longer serving us. This can be a powerful time to clear blockages so we can be ready to manifest for the next new moon.

Aries is the first zodiac sign in the astral wheel. Represented by the archetype of the Warrior, Aries is a sign that represents new beginnings. Brave and not afraid of a challenge, they view life as an adventure (or a battlefield). Aries and the moon make an interesting pair, as Aries is all about action while the moon asks for reflection.

The full moon in Aries is asking us to reflect on—

  • Feelings of envy and jealousy. It’s easier to be a passive witness than an active participant. We may find ourselves feeling envious or jealous over another person’s situation because we secretly desire their exact scenario. Whether it be a better job or better relationship, this full moon is asking us to consider what we can do to manifest the reality we desire.

  • Making every creative project a “business opportunity.” As children, we were encouraged to try as many things as possible with no judgment or pressure. However, in our later years, we’ve been told to monetize everything we do because we can. Now, it becomes almost impossible to avoid the thought, “I wonder if this hobby could bring in money.” Release the pressure of having to make money off of what you enjoy and spend more time connecting with your hobbies for fun.

  • Our relationship with action. We’ve been conditioned to believe that every thought warrants immediate action. That sense of urgency is our ego speaking out of fear or avoidance (e.g. boredom, constant need for stimulation). Reflect on your relationship with your thoughts and how your thoughts may trigger you to take unnecessary action. The difference between forced action and inspired action is subtle, but the biggest differentiation is that inspired action is never driven by emotional intensity.

While the full moon’s energy lasts for 3 days, we can work with its energy for the next 14 days. This gives us enough time to reset our energy and get clear on what we'd like to manifest for the next new moon.

See below for your zodiac sign's signature scent and how you can work with it in preparation for the next moon cycle. Check your sun, moon, and rising signs for a more holistic energy read. Don’t know your sun, moon, or rising sign? Generate a free birth chart here.



We're using Essential Oil Oracle Cards by Lisa Powers to determine every zodiac sign's signature scent and mantra. Each signature scent has emotional and spiritual benefits detailed in the book Emotions Guide by Karla Mclaren.


Signature Scents for Your Zodiac Sign - Full Moon in Aries


Fragrance: Myrrh

Earthy with a subtle hint of musk and marine, myrrh oil strengthens one’s relationship with nature and motherhood. Use myrrh oil to release fear and remind yourself that you are divinely protected.

Mantra: I move forward with divine grace.



Fragrance: Blue Tansy

Herbaceous and subtle, blue tansy oil is perfect for channeling stagnant energies into inspired action. Use blue tansy oil to take charge of your life.

Mantra: I allow life to flow through me.



Fragrance: Oregano

Hot and herbaceous, oregano is a powerful oil that cuts through materialism and overattachment to toxic situations. Use oregano oil to let go of rigidity and see objective truths.

Mantra: I am open to the unknown.



Fragrance: Spearmint

Minty and fresh, spearmint oil is perfect for expressing yourself with confidence. Use spearmint oil before a speech or important conversation so your words may flow with ease.

Mantra: My voice is heard.



Fragrance: Copaiba

Smoky and earthy, copaiba oil is used to reveal hidden messages. It is also an oil for self-forgiveness. Use copaiba oil to forgive yourself for past mistakes and to see the truth behind past experiences.

Mantra: I am cherished.



Fragrance: Green Mandarin

Fruity and citrusy, green mandarin oil is excellent for returning to childlike wonder. Use green mandarin oil to remind yourself that hope and wonder are everywhere.

Mantra: With fresh eyes, I see the potential within every situation.



Fragrance: Melissa

Delicate and herbal, melissa oil reconnects us with our inner light. Use melissa oil to remind yourself of your unique divinity and that you are needed.

Mantra: I am special.



Fragrance: Grapefruit

Fruity and citrusy, grapefruit oil helps us establish a healthy, balanced relationship with our bodies. Use grapefruit oil to embrace your feelings and cultivate a loving relationship with your body.

Mantra: I see what I truly need.



Fragrance: Cedarwood

Fresh and woody, cedarwood is the oil of community. Use cedarwood oil to remind yourself that you have the love and support of many around you, seen and unseen.

Mantra: I am grounded in my body.



Fragrance: Geranium

Floral and rosy, geranium oil is the oil of love and trust. Use geranium oil to nurture your inner child, re-parent the self, and open your heart to love.

Mantra: I create with pleasure.



Fragrance: Black Pepper

Spicy and potent, black pepper oil is used to unmask facades and hidden aspects of the self. Use black pepper oil to dig deep into your psyche and remind yourself that you are already whole.

Mantra: I am whole.



Fragrance: Petitgrain

Grassy and citrusy, petitgrain is the oil that connects us to our ancestry. Use petitgrain oil to help clear ancestral trauma and to embrace the gifts of your lineage with grace and compassion.

Mantra: I am free to choose.

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